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Join us on Thursday, October 20th
General Houston Aggie Moms Club Meeting
Bering Church of Christ, 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

The meeting will open 30 minutes earlier (6 p.m.) in order to have a reading of the new bylaws by Michelle Maresh.

Karen Mayfield has provided an awesome speaker in Representative Bill Flores’76 and we are excited to have him as our guest.

Along with many new items to discuss at the meeting, Valerie and Tammy will have unframed limited edition prints “Aggie Mom Quilt” signed by Benjamin Knox on sale for $400.  Benjamin Knox has given the prints a fair market value of $100 so any buyers will have a $300 deductible donation to the club and a wonderful gift to our scholarship fund.  Benjamin has also generously attached a 30% discount for the framing of the print.  I have attached a photo of the print to this e-mail.  


Aggie HeartGeneral Houston Aggie Moms Club Meeting Location
Church of Christ

1910 Bering Drive

77057   6:30pm

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             Our Theme For 2016-17

The Houston Texas A&M University Mothers’ Club is one of more than one hundred Aggie Moms Clubs across the country.  We are organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.

“We strive by individual and united effort to contribute in every way to the welfare of the students at Texas A&M University and to cooperate with the University in maintaining a high standard of moral conduct and intellectual attainment….” and we make new friends and have fun in the process!

Aggie Moms are proud, proud of Texas A&M University, proud of the daughters and sons they send to Texas A&M and proud of making a contribution:to the education of their Aggies, to the future of Texas A&M University and to the future of the Great State of Texas.

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